Expert Witness Services

AlexanderI provide expert witness services in the following technology areas: estimating the motion of bones from markers on the skin, video capture of human motion, motion capture, performance capture, 3D scanning of animate objects, generation of animators models from 3D scanned data, computer vision, biomechanics, optimization, estimation, total knee replacement design, human gait, human facial expressions, multi-disciplinary system architecture, image processing, inverse kinematics, kinetics, assessing the condition of a knee joint, camera calibration, lens distortion, dynamic camera lens operation, 3D coordinate calculation from single camera, 3D coordinate calculation from multiple cameras, knee osteoarthritis, skin deformation, structured light systems, projector-camera pairs, stereo camera reconstruction, integration of MRI and motion capture data, limb segment pose estimation, tracking and modeling non-rigid objects, marker-less motion capture, surface from silhouette reconstruction for marker-less motion capture, estimation of skeletal kinematics through high feature density video based motion capture, recognizing human activity from multiple video streams,  functional biomechanics, computer vision approaches to human movement analysis.