I have been employed in engineering and start-up technology ventures for 25 years.  I am currently consulting with Body Surface Translations.  Prior to that I held the position of General Manager of Motion Analysis Studios, a subsidiary of Motion Analysis Corporation. Motion Analysis is the acquirer of my Tech Coast Angels funded start-up,  MaMoCa.  As CEO, I led MaMoCa from an idea through external funding and on to acquisition.  Prior to MaMoCa, I was a Lecturer and Senior Research Engineer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. While at Stanford I co-founded Imaging Therapeutics, subsequently acquired by Conformis, developer of the worlds first subject-specific total knee replacement system.

Prior to Stanford, I was splitting time as a Research Engineer III in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center and as Engineering Director for Computerized Functional Testing Corporation, while pursuing my BS, MS, and PhD in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Illinois Chicago. I am a veteran of the US Army.  I hold five issued US patents, with multiple patents pending, and I have more than  30 refereed publications . I am an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Chapman University and Chairman of the Board of Good Dog! Autism Companions.

I am available to consult on engineering problems in the application of computer vision and image processing techniques to the biomechanics of human movement.  Some of these application areas are in medical device design and evaluation, while other applications are in entertainment technology.  I am particularly interested in marker-less motion capture for low cost content production and wide-adoption low cost dynamic evaluation of human orthopedic disease and injury.

I provide expert witness services in the following technology areas: estimating the motion of bones from markers on the skin, video capture of human motion, motion capture, performance capture, 3D scanning of animate objects, generation of animators models from 3D scanned data, computer vision, biomechanics, optimization, estimation, total knee replacement design, human gait, human facial expressions, multi-disciplinary system architecture, image processing, inverse kinematics, kinetics, assessing the condition of a knee joint, camera calibration, lens distortion, dynamic camera lens operation, 3D coordinate calculation from single camera, 3D coordinate calculation from multiple cameras, knee osteoarthritis, skin deformation, structured light systems, projector-camera pairs, stereo camera reconstruction, integration of MRI and motion capture data, limb segment pose estimation, tracking and modeling non-rigid objects, marker-less motion capture, surface from silhouette reconstruction for marker-less motion capture, estimation of skeletal kinematics through high feature density video based motion capture, recognizing human activity from multiple video streams,  functional biomechanics, computer vision approaches to human movement analysis.

I am available to consult with start-up companies. I have made engineering and management contributions to seven nameable start-up companies over the years:  Computerized Functional Testing Corporation Imaging Therapeutics, MaMoCa, Instant CarmaMaya MedicalBlack Swan Neuro, and Body Surface Translations, along with a few other current stealth mode companies.  I currently guest lecture and act as a mentor in the business schools at USC and Chapman University.

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